September 2018
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Ryan Davis :
For Ryan life has been a wonderful classroom and he feels very blessed by the years of association with people holding many different perceptions, beliefs, challenges and skillsets. Ryan has worked as a conflict resolution specialist at word Perfect Corporation, and then for 3 years as an office manager of a 60 student adjudicated youth wilderness program. He then started a legal paper of circulation in a two county area and served as publisher for nearly two decades in conjunction with owning a sign shop. Currently he has a sign shop in Cedar City, where he and his wife, Cynthia both work. They have five children.Ryan has been President of the board for the last 7 Years.
Gloria Johnson :
It has always been a priority for her to love and care for everyone.She has felt very blessed for the way she has been able to direct her life to service of others and for it all it has taught her great lessons. Some of her jobs have been: Director of volunteer services at Sevier Valley Hospital, Director of Volunteer Services for New Horizons Crisis Center, and on the board that brought New Horizons Crisis Center to Richfield. She taught for head start Pre School Home Base where she would spend one day a week for 9 months each year. She loved her job there and learned so much about Real Life Situations and how to Guide Families to a better life. She knows that God loves his children no matter their circumstances. For her Nothing is more rewarding than looking into their eyes and see their souls. She thanks God every day for opening all these doors for her and she appreciates the Community Careers and Support Services Program and knows they love what they do and really care about each client. May God always direct us to do the right for those we serve and guide.Gloria has been a board member for the last 8 years.

Rocky Jones :
Rocky is one of our oldest Board members as well as a past Client of Community Careers and Support Services. Rocky is a great example of what one can do if they desire to do it. Rocky has been able to live on his own and be self-sufficient for a number of years. Was able to get his driver’s license and has maintained it for years. Rocky is always happy and anxious to work he works at a restaurant just on the outskirts of Richfield and keeps it up and running and manages the kitchen for the owners in which he takes great pride in all that he does. He has served at this restaurant for a number of years and everyone that comes in and meets rocky can feel the love he has for his job. 


Robert McKnight : 
Executive Director
Robert Has been the Director for the last 8 years. He previously had served as assistant Director, President of the Board and a Board member prior to that. He was also a job developer for the company had had a lot of success finding jobs for a lot of individuals in the rural areas. Rob has also served as a teacher to at risk youth where he also worked on the counseling team and helped design and build the program from 17 individuals to 80 students. his role was in education and recreation building baseball field’s, basketball court’s gym’s and Frisbee golf courses. Later he would work in the financial development prior to coming on board with Community Careers full time and working as the assistant director. He loves to serve and help others.